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There are 3 areas of attention in proper pool protection:

1. Water Balance

2. Disinfection, sanitation, oxidation

3. Circulation and filtration

Maintaining a routine protection agenda is your first line of protection towards all pool-rated issues.

A protection program includes the subsequent:

1 Routinely checking out your water and adding chemical substances had to stability water

2 Using your internet and brush to rid the pool of particles, scale, algae and so forth.

Three Emptying your skimmer and pump baskets

four Vacuuming the pool

five Cleaning the clear out


Swimming swimming pools want Pool to hold up a certain “water stability” to shield the system and plaster. Proper pool water stability additionally insures swimmer consolation.

When the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness are inside the advocate ranges the pool is taken into consideration to be balanced.


Solutions may be acidic or primary (alkaline). PH is a fee that shows how acidic or basic a solution is. The scale for pH levels from zero-14. The best pH for swimming pools is 7.Five; the suitable variety is 7.2-7.6.

Low pH will motive:

-Etched plaster

-Corroded metals

-Stained plaster

-Eye & skin irritation

-Poor chlorine performance

High pH will cause:

-Scale formation

-Cloudy water

-Short filter runs

To decrease pH stages you use muriatic acid or a granular acid (pH minus)

To enhance pH tiers you use soda ash (pH plus)